Costs for Classes

Classes will be $35 for each month, or $12 per class.

Students can pay by cash or cheque, for each session or for the month.

The Centre also receives payment by Electronic Fund Transfer to the designated email address.

Tai Chi Classes for September 2022

Classes at the Phoenix Tai Chi Centre will be confirmed in August 2022. Plans at this time will include a Thursday morning session at 10 AM, and a Thursday evening session at 7 PM.

Depending on the number of registrants and the time requirements, a Tuesday evening class may arranged, also to meet at 7 PM.

Classes are held primarily at Epiphany Memorial Hall at 19A Holborn Avenue.  The hall is on the SW corner of Holborn and Briscoe , 1 block west of Wharncliffe and 2 blocks north of Emery.

See the details below for:

  • T'ai Chi,
  • Qigong and
  • T'ai Chi for Health Challenges

Class Levels

Beginners are welcome anytime. Accommodation for new students will be made to bring them along in a group, as much as possible.

Advancing students may begin in a group, but at time passes and members drop out or miss classes, this group will change.

Senior practice students will meet with peers and with students in progress. Learning Tai Chi Chuan takes time and practice/repetition. Often students will teach each other as classes progress.

One learns when teaching.